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I spend a lot of time every day debugging code and administering servers (and clients) with big troubles.

Sometimes I find on the Internet the correct solution of my problems in little time, but more often I spend hours searching for a trick and when I find it I write orrible lines of code with stupid comments on a piece of paper that can only be forgiven or destroyed the next day. Sometimes I add a link in a bookmark, but some problems that are too specific - linked to a software or hardware customization - to let that solution be useful again.

When I have the time I try to spend some time writing documentation... Sometimes...

Today I want to write down the first trick in a place where everybody can find it for free.
Today I promise to find the time I need to write documentation, comments and remarks.
Today I start to publish for You my tips and trick about computing, coding, system administration, games, security, trashware, networking, etc.



android x 1
apache x 1
apple x 4
backup x 2
cygwin x 1
dns x 1
dos x 1
drupal x 3
ftp x 1
iis x 1
imap x 1
linux x 22
mail x 4
mysql x 3
oracle x 1
pop3 x 1
print x 2
proxy x 1
rsync x 1
shell x 8
smtp x 1
squid x 1
ssh x 1
storage x 2
web x 3
windows x 15


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