Check traffic of each ip address in Lan

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Posted on 2013-01-20


I want to know the traffic generated by each single IP address in Lan in upload and in download. I have root access on a linux firewall that routes the traffic.


Use this script to start collecting informations:


$I -N wrap1
$I -F wrap1
$I -I FORWARD 1 -j wrap1
while [ $C -lt 254 ];
   $I -A wrap1 -i eth3 -o eth1 -s 192.168.1.$C
   let C=C+1

$I -N wrap2
$I -F wrap2
$I -I FORWARD 2 -j wrap2
while [ $C -lt 254 ];
   $I -A wrap2 -i eth1 -o eth3 -d 192.168.1.$C
   let C=C+1

Don´t forget to setup the script changing the Lan address if it´s not 192.168.1.x

User this script to watch traffic flow in realtime:

echo '***** INBOUD TRAFFIC *****'
/sbin/iptables -L MON2 -n -v | grep -v ' 0 0 all'


echo '***** OUTBOUD TRAFFIC *****'
/sbin/iptables -L MON1 -n -v | grep -v ' 0 0 all'

Check that the correct tabs (tabulation characters) are present in the "grep -v" section of the previous script, or copy and paste that text from you iptables dump... I mean the " 0 0 all" part.


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backup x 2
cygwin x 1
dns x 1
dos x 1
drupal x 3
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iis x 1
imap x 1
linux x 22
mail x 4
mysql x 3
oracle x 1
pop3 x 1
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squid x 1
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storage x 2
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