Fetch mail thru pop3 and send it to an smtp server

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Posted on 2013-06-21


I want to fetch all messages delivered to a pop3 server and send them on an smtp server.


After installing fetchmail (if necessary)
# apt-get install fetchmail

...start it as a daemon
# fetchmail -v -S mysmtpserver -D mydomain.tld --sslproto '' -d 60
(where mysmtpserver is the ip of your smtp server and mydomain.tld is your domain)

after putting these lines in .fetchmailrc in your home directory
poll mail.mydomain.tld
  protocol POP3
  user "me@mydomain.tld"
  pass "mypass"
  is "me@mydomain.tld"
(where me@mydomain.tld is your email address and mypass is your password)

Put the fetchmail command in /etc/rc.local to restart it after reboot.

It works very well also with an IMAP server, changing the "protocol" parameter in the configuration file.


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