Static mirror copy of a dinamic website

written by Admin

Posted on 2012-12-02


I must create a static running copy of all pages, images, styles, etc of a dinamic modern website.


Run the following line of code in a shell:
wget -k -E -r -l 10 -p -N -F --restrict-file-names=windows -nH

All necessary files will be saved and all links will be rewritten to save a static browseable copy of the website. You can also use this code to host temporarly a static copy of the website.

Using -K all files will be copied unmodified.


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android x 1
apache x 1
apple x 4
backup x 2
cygwin x 1
dns x 1
dos x 1
drupal x 3
ftp x 1
iis x 1
imap x 1
linux x 22
mail x 4
mysql x 3
oracle x 1
pop3 x 1
print x 2
proxy x 1
rsync x 1
shell x 8
smtp x 1
squid x 1
ssh x 1
storage x 2
web x 3
windows x 15


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