Freeze an open session and reconnect from everywhere

written by Admin

Posted on 2013-01-04


I mush start one or more jobs and go away leaving everything running securely while I am away. Then I want to reconnect, check progress, interact, leave again and reconnect one or more times till everything is done.


First check if "screen" is installed (if not, install it with apt, yum or the packet manager of your distribution). Start screen and in its shell work as usual:
# screen

When you want to leave your shell press Ctrl-A and then press d to go back to the previous shell. Now you can logout... When you want to reconnect login again and type:
# screen -R

N.B. To help somebody (same uid) catch his screen session and share that terminal:
# screen -x -R

(You can also do it without the same uid, Ctrl-A ? for help)



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