How to update Drupal modules

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Posted on 2013-01-09


I need a fast procedure to update Drupal modules.


First you must login with an administrator account and put your site in offline mode in "website configuration/maintainance".

Then, in the updates page, copy the url of the available update and paste on a shell:
# cd /<webdir>/<vhost>/sites/all/modules/

# mv <module directory> /opt/backup

# wget <paste here the url>

# tar zxvf <dowloaded module archive name>

# rm <dowloaded module archive name>

# chown root:www-data <module directory> -R

Don´t forget to follow the instructions in the INSTALL.txt file in the module directory: check that everything is ready and possibly fit new requirements. Then you must run in your browser the update.php page, following the wizard (no special action required, normally you must just click "continue" and "update").

Then check the updates page and look for the module that now must be up-to-date.



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