How to upgrade the core of Drupal 6

written by Admin

Posted on 2015-05-07


I need a step-by-step guide to update the core of an old Drupal 6 website to the latest release (minor version upgrade).


Download the latest version of Drupal.
Backup the database and all webdir files.
Login as admin (or the user that has ID=1 in the user table).
Take a note of what modules are ON.
Put the website off-line.
Swith off custom and contributed modules (not core modules).
Uncompress and copy all the updated Drupal 6 files recursively in the webdir (overwriting).
Run update.php using the same browser you logged in as admin before.
Switch on all the modules you switched off before.
Run update.php again.
Save (as html of pdf) the permission page in the webadmin.
Rebuild the permissions, if the site asks it.
Put the website on-line.



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